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Iceland from Above

Iceland From Above

Discovering Iceland can be done in a multiplicity of ways. Renting a car, hopping on a boat, going by foot or even while galloping on a horse. All beautifully interesting, all surely functional, however, also all equitably on ground-level. So how about we put Iceland to the test, find out how dynamic her landscape really is, how much her scenes actually vary. The land of fire and ice, the country of contrasts. See the water streams and lava cracks laid out like veins through the land. How pretty is Iceland really, from atop?

To me, the best part about commercial flights are the take-off and the landing. Those few minutes you get to enjoy the landscape before your sight is clouded by a layer of puff. That brief moment when houses are mirroring tiny specks on your window and men swarming around land like ants in the forest. If for you, like for me, a few minutes isn’t nearly enough to grasp Iceland’s landscape from above, booking a flight to see the country from up high will be a grand experience. It’s basically the best of flying and the best of scenery combined into a good amount of time feeling awestruck.

It’s said that Iceland’s scenery changes every 30 minutes while driving. So, picture how clearly visible the differences in landscapes are when it’s laid out below you like a geological map. Mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, geothermal pools, volcanoes, craters, geysers, lagoons, beaches and even whales. Iceland sure has a lot to show-off.

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