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Bands at Airwaves 2015

Icelandic and Foreign Bands at Airwaves 2015

Bands at Airwaves 2015

We here at What’s On care about giving you the best possible experience in Iceland. As a result, we’ve published two articles about what bands to look out for at Airwaves in 2015 – Icelandic Band suggestions, Foreign Bands you Must See and the Up and Coming Icelandic Bands at Airwaves 2015.

All of them are available on our official Airwaves page, along with a bunch of other cool stuff such as the program, Airwaves-themed cocktails, tips and tricks and much more!

From the blogs:

Icelandic Bands at Iceland Airwaves 2015 you Must See!

Vök - Waterfall (Official Visual)

Where: Wednesday 23:20 – Harpa Silfurberg / Saturday 21:50 – Nasa

Vök is one of the most exciting bands around Iceland these days. They released an EP this spring  which has been very well received. Vök plays indie-electro-pop music with catchy tunes and heavy beats. Oh and saxophone.

Description: Indie – Synthesizer – Saxophone

Foreign Bands at Iceland Airwaves You Must See!

East India Youth - DRIPPING DOWN (Official Video)

Where: Saturday 23:50 – Harpa Kaldalón

East India Youth were supposed to be at Iceland Airwaves last year but had to cancel last minute since his passport didn‘t arrive in time. Well this year he has a passport and will be tearing up Reykjavik City.

Up and Coming Iceland Bands at Airwaves 2015

Sturla Atlas - Snowin'

Sturla Atlas – The „it-boy“ of the Icelandic hip-hop and R&B scene at the moment. Yup, there is such a scene in Iceland.

This is of course just a few example of our band picks, and those are just a small selection of the bands at Airwaves 2015. So head on over to the official Airwaves Page and check out the rest of the picks, and the program as a whole!

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