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Icelandic chocolate

Icelandic Candy You Should Try

When you are on vacation, it’s always fun to try local treats. In Iceland, you have a lot to choose from. For a long time, import restrictions forced Icelanders to make their own sweets. This is why up to this day, there are lots of Icelandic candy brands. In Icelandic supermarkets, you will find big European and American brands next to lesser-known Icelandic ones.

In this article, we will tell you what Icelandic candy you should try during your vacation in Iceland.


If you are a liquorice fan

Opal and Tópas are popular candy brands of company Nói Síríus. Nói Síríus is Iceland’s biggest candy producer. Fruit candy, liquorice coins and fresh breath products are among the confections branded by Opal and Tópas. You should also try the popular Icelandic liquorice-based liqueurs under the names Tópas and Opal. If this is too much for you, shoestring liquorice (with and without filling) by Apollo is a popular treat as well.

Opal liquorice

If you are a chocolate lover

Since 2013, Omnom Chocolate has been making waves with their high-quality chocolate bars. All their chocolate bars are wrapped in colourful design packaging. The newest addition to their bars is Black N’ Burnt Barley, a jet-black chocolate bar with ravens on its wrapper. It’s so pretty you even want to have it when you don’t like chocolate!

Nói Síríus is also known for their chocolate. Try a bar with mint or caramel filling, or one with sea salt, or nuts and raisins.

Omnom Chocolate

If you don’t want to choose

Do chocolate and liquorice go well together? If you ask Icelanders, the answer is a convincing yes. Black liquorice might be an acquired taste, but the sharp, salty-sweet flavour pairs perfectly with a creamy chocolate cover. You can find several different kinds of liquorice and chocolate candy in Iceland.

Beginners can start out with Bingókúlur, chewy caramels with a mild liquorice taste, or þristur, a chocolate-covered fudge bar with three liquorice strings suspended in the filling. Advanced liquorice eaters can go straight for the sharper Kúlu-súkk or its inverse, Tvistur! Or go for Draumur, a creamy milk chocolate bar with two liquorice strings inside.

Icelandic chocolate

If you have a sweet tooth

If you are looking for really sweet stuff, then try Lindu Rís Buff or Lindu Smá Buff. Both are variations of marshmallows covered in chocolate. Similar to this are Kókosbollur, fluffy sugary cylinders covered in chocolate and coconut flakes. It can’t really go wrong with this.

Icelandic candy

And there is more…

Try Hraun, a crunchy wafer bar that looks a bit similar to a Lion. Súkkulaðirúsínur, chocolate-covered raisins, are a tasty snack for on the road. Nóa Kropp, crispy corn balls covered in milk chocolate, are a long-time favourite amongst Icelanders. And last but not least, try Trítlar fruit jellies!

Icelandic candy Hraun


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