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Innipúkinn Festival 2015 – 6 bands I’m looking forward to seeing


The first weekend in August every year, Icelanders flock out of the city, with their caravans and trailers and singing children in the back seat. The reason for that is that Monday is a public holiday (Commerce day), so it’s a long weekend. There are many festivals going on around the country, and as Wikipedia says ”this weekend is known for high alcohol consumption of the population”.

For those who don’t want to get stuck in traffic, those who don’t like the wilderness, or those who just feel better inside the safe walls of Reykjavík, and at the same time like alcohol consumption and music, there’s Innipúkinn Festival 2015. Innipúki means “a person who prefers to stay inside at all times”.

The festival is the only music festival going on this weekend, it has a great line-up and you can buy either tickets for single evening or for the 3 nights. It will take place in the excellent bars Húrra and Gaukurinn in the center of RVK.

Here are some of the artists that I’m not going to miss:


Their music reminds me of The XX. This band is only two years old but has gained popularity very quickly. The trio plays dreamy indie-electronics with melodic vocals and distant saxophones or guitars. Really talented people!


The band will honor us with their presence as a part of their Scandinavian tour. This is an icelandic band currently living in LA. The music is electronic pop music also experimenting with visual art.  With the strong voice of Svala and good beats they are known for energetic live performance with their unique and daring fashion style and light show. I saw them live in Paris a few years back and I loved the show.


Úlfur Úlfur recently released a new album, Tvær Plánetur. This is a rather new rap band, provoking the traditional rap methods. The songs, characterized by heavy bass and sincere lyrics (in Icelandic), often are about life, being young and free, sung by the lively band members who do a sparky performance and are good at getting to the crowd. I don’t always like rap music but this has something to it. Also they like hanging out in the ghetto with horses, fur coats and dogs as seen below:


One of the most promising alternative-pop music bands in Iceland nowadays . It started out as a high school project, resulting in one of the most known bands in Iceland. The music is fresh; a cocktail of retro-latin-disco with European, South-American and African vibes.


Sindri Már Sigfússon’s solo project founded in 2009, consisting of experimental indie music. I would describe it in that way that this music makes you feel like you’re wrapped in cotton. Sindri is a talented artist and producer and manages to make professional and original music with beautiful vocals.


Pianist and guitarist Sóley makes calm, dream-like music with surrealistic lyrics, mostly inspired by poets. Her music can be described as delicate piano play with beautiful vocals. Before going solo, Sóley actually started out in the indie-folk band Seabear with Sindri from Sin Fang. This music is perfect for cuddling up with a book in the Icelandic winter.

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