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International Day of Yoga in Reykjavik

International Day of Yoga in Reykjavik

International Day of Yoga in Reykjavik

Enthusiasts of Yoga in Reykjavik can rejoice! The 21st of June, the International Day of Yoga will be celebrated in Reykjavik as well as in 176 other countries all over the world. The event is organized by the United Nations Organisation with collaboration of various yoga groups and Harpa concert hall. The event will be held there in the outside area, but will be moved inside if icelandic weather conditions are not in our favour. (The weather forecast is good though, but you never know).

IDAY_Logo.jpegYoga has become rather popular in Iceland in the last decade, as people are finding more and more need for balance in their stressful modern lifestyles. Yoga is all about raising the inner spirit and balancing your energy; creating harmony between mankind and nature. The aim of the Yoga Day is to promote peace and harmony in the world through yoga exercises. Thus this event concerns everyone and all over the world people will be combined in good vibrations. I’m planning to go there to try something different, and to learn more about the subject.
The program will be from 10:00-13:00. Ashok Das, the ambassador for India in Iceland will start the festival and introduce the history of yoga. There will also be a special guest; Shailendra Dubey, a yoga master who has specifically been flown to Iceland from India for this event. Furthermore, various people will introduce different types of yoga and meditation.

This is a perfect opportunity to forget the stress of everyday life and enjoy a good day with family or friends. It’s suitable for everyone; no yoga experience required. You just have to bring your yoga mat (or other equivalent equipment) and your good mood. And there’s no entrance fee.
Hope to see you there in the sunshine!


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