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International Organ Summer

The International Organ Summer in Hallgrímskirkja

International Organ Summer: June 14th to August 17th

The International Organ Summer in Hallgrimskirkja is a concert series hosted by the Friends of the Arts Society in Hallgrimskirkja for the 22nd time this summer. It holds an important position in Reykjavík’s cultural environment and enriches the experience of tourists during the summer.

Due to
 an ever increasing interest in the Organ Summers events the festival-period has been lengthened and this summer there will be four concerts per week in the period from June 14th to August 17th: the main concerts are every Saturday at 12 noon and every Sunday at 5 PM with internationally acclaimed organists, every Thursday at 12 noon in collaboration with the The Society of Icelandic Organist and the Schola cantorum chamber choir gives a concert at 12 noon every Wednesday.

The weekend organists of the IOS participate in the Sunday services in Hallgrímskirkja by playing the postludium. The International Organ Summer serie started after the in auguration of the church’s Klais-organ in 1992 and at the beginning of last year the grand Klais-organ underwent extensive renovation; a complete cleaning of its pipes and infrastructure, all clutches were checked and its computer equipment renewed. Tickets are sold at the entrance one hour before each concert. /

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