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What's On Magazine - January 2014

January in Iceland (2014)

14JanHappy new year you guys! Hope you had an awesome 2013, and we wish you an even more awesome 2014!

Looking back on the year, a lot of stuff has happened for us. We gave the magazine a huge facelift in March, and we‘ve been expanding on every issue since then. Then we re-opened our website,, which we‘re also working on constantly, every aiming to do better. Don‘t hesitate to give us feedback if there‘s anything you like, dislike or just have an opinion on in general, we‘d love to hear from you.

January is always a bit rough for us Icelanders. As is our style, we do Christmas really grand, before proceeding to blow it all up during new years eve ( which is a great, while perhaps not-so-safe, tradition). After that, it‘s back to the bleak reality, but now with the added hangover of Christmas over-spending, over-eating, over-drinking and over-doing. But we get over it relatively quickly, as is our style.

One of our favourite ways of coping with reality is doing New Year’s resolutions. Every Icelander worth his name subscribes to a gym membership, showing up a maximum of four times before spending the rest of the year cursing it. But only until December, then we think about renewing it and “really doing it this year“. Except for the select few that actually make it and really do it. Every year. Most of us are quite envious of those people.

Here‘s to hoping all of us can be one of those people in 2014! The lucky few who honour their resolutions. The ones who don‘t go overboard in eating and drinking. The ones who prosper and have an amazing 2014! Here‘s to you guys!

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