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June 17: The National day of Iceland!


On June 17, 1811 an Icelandic legend was born. His name was Jón Sigurðsson and he was the leader of the Icelandic independence movement. In 1944 Iceland earned its independency and his birthday was chosen as the National day of Iceland. Today, some of the children have forgotten the legend‘s name and know this day by its joyfulness, enjoyed with the family downtown.

In Iceland we never know how the weather will be on this glorious day, even though it’s in the summer. Last year it rained cats and dogs, but still every family went down town to get candy floss, listened to Icelandic music on Arnarhóll and had – hopefully – a lovely time with their fellow Icelanders and foreign visitors.

If you’re here on the next June 17, you should definitely take a walk down town to enjoy all the events the day has to offer; listen to nice music, enjoy Icelandic candy and celebrate with us!



Programme for 17th of June 2015 celebrations in Reykjavík

From the events official website. 

The Icelandic Independence Day celebrations in Reykjavík 2015 will take place in the city centre from 10 o´clock in morning untill 10. p.m. The programme will include family oriented entertainment, concerts, outdoor play sets, variety shows and street happenings.

Chiming of all church bells in Reykjavík

Mass in Domkirkjan Cathedral

Agnes M. Sigurðardóttir, Bishop of Iceland preaches and celebrants are  the reverends Hjálmar Jónsson and Valgeir Ástráðsson
The Dómkirkja choir sings. Conductor: Kári Þormar. Soloist: Hildigunnur Einarsdóttir

The Icelandic government´s National Day ceremony at Austurvöllur

The choir Mótettukór Hallgrímskirkju sings: Yfir voru ættarlandi. Conductor: Hörður Áskelsson
The President of Iceland, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, lays a wreath of flowers at the Jón Sigurðsson monument
The choir Mótettukór Hallgrímskirkju sings the National Anthem
Address by the Prime Minister, Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson
The Graduale Choir of Langholtskirkja sings: Hver á sér fegra föðurland. Conductor: Jón Stefánsson
Fjallkona (The Lady of the Mountain) recites a poem
The Workers Brass Band plays: Ég vil elska mitt land. Conductor: Kári Húnfjörð Einarsson
The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service broadcasts the ceremony on radio and television

Parade from Austurvöllur to the Suðurgata Cemetery

Chairman of the City Council, Sóley Tómasdóttir lays a wreath of flowers on the grave of Jón Sigurðsson
The Reykjavík Brass Band plays
The Scouts Honour Guard will stand to attention

Antic cars, cruise and show

The Antique Automobile Club of Iceland, show by Harpa Concert Hall
Kruser Car Club, show by the lake. The Kruser Band plays at 15:00


A parade from Hlemmur, down Laugavegur: The Reykjavík Brass Band, Kampen Janitsjarorkester and the Street Theatre participate
A parade from Hagatorg to Hljómskálagarður: The Brass Band  Svanur plays

Hljómskálagarður (Park by the lake)

Skátaland outdoor play sets and games (free of charge)
13:30  Dan Marques – The Funnykito Show
14:10  Toti the clown
14:30  Mama Lou strong woman
15:00  A family dance with the band Fjörkarlar
15:40  A Chinese kung fu performance
16:00  Ármann Gymnastic Club
16:00  Reykjavik Parachuting Club
16:10  Taekwondo
16:20  Reykjavik Aikido Club
16:35  The Fencing Club of Reykjavík

Children and family entertainment at Arnarhóll

13:30  Söngvaborg, childrens musical theatre
13:40  Pippi Longstocking
14:05  Lazytown
14:25  Singer Agla Briet
14:35  JSB Dance School
14:40  Birna Björns Dance School
14:45  Rebel Dance Studio
15:10  Dancers Hrafnhildur and Beata
15:15  Reykjavik Rocker´s from Kramhúsið
15:20  Brynja Péturs´ Dancers
15:25  World Class Dance Studio
15:40  A family dance with the band Sunnyside Road
16:20  Gunni and Felix
16:45  Singer María Ólafsdóttir
Characters from Söngvaborg, the childrens musical theatre, will be MC´s in this programme and acrobats from The Icelandic Circus will perform

Programme in City Hall

13:30  Songs and poems of Icelandic women. A programme in celebration of the 100th anniversary of women´s right to vote
14:30  Credo – Dallas´ Ecumenial Mixed Choir
15:00  Male choir Esja
16:00  Tangoadventure, tango shows and ball

Children and family entertainment at Ingólfstorg

The Icelandic Circus with roving characters, circus workshop and circus shows at 14:15, 15:30 and 16:30

13:30 and 14:30
Brúðubíllinn in Hallargarður

A puppet show

The Creative Groups of Hitt Húsið and other happenings

The Street Theatre, musicians, dancers and other artists perform in the streets, parks and squares

17th of June sailing competition

Brokey’s sailing competition off the shore from Sæbraut

Eldborg in Harpa

13:45  Brass Band Kampen Janitsjarorkester from Norway
14:00  A singalong with Garðar Cortes and the Opera Choir
14:30  Three Singing Sisters
15:00  Songs of Icelandic women. A programme in celebration of the 100th anniversary of women´s right to vote
15:30  Intermission
16:00  Rockband Sniglabandið

Entertainment in Harpa
Smurstöðin – ground floor

14:00  Musycle
14:20  Náttsól
14:40  Ventus Brass
16:00  Jay and his seven jugglers
16:20  Duo Stemma
16:45  Aurora Jazz Band
17:15  Alda Dís
17:30  Skuggamyndir frá Býsans
North Pier – ground floor
15:00  Dan Marques – The Funnykito Show
15:30  Jón Víðis the magician
15:50  Mama Lou strong woman
Harpacorner – 2nd floor
15:15  Harpa International Music Academy
15:30  Reykjavík Midsummer Music
16:00  Credo – Dallas´ Ecumenial Mixed Choir
Maximouse greets the children and gives out balloons at 3 and 4 o´clock and outside of Harpa is an antique car show and free Tuktuk rides

Concert in Austurvöllur

14:00  Jay and his seven jugglers
14:20  Unnur Sara
14:50  Rampa Sakornram
15:00  Hinemoa
15:20  Bergmál
15:30  Musycle
15:50  Saga Matthildur
16:00  Náttsól
16:20  Kristín Sesselja
16:25  Equal Rights Rap
16:30  Una Stef
16:50  Alan Jones JT/Bruno Mars Show
17:10  Complete Vocal Studio
17:40  Open mike and live caraoke

Open air chess set in Lækjargata

Chess tournament

Sun watching in Austurvöllur

The Astrological website studies the sun

Strength competition by the City Hall

Yoke Race at Vonarstræti in the competition The Strongest Man in Iceland

Prayer time in Hallgrímskirkja

National Day prayer time with the reverend Sigurður Árni Þórðarson and organist Hörður Áskelsson

Concert at Arnarhóll

17:00  Ellen Kristjáns and her daughters
17:25  Þórunn Antonía
17:50  Heimilistónar
18:20  Amabadama
18:50  Bee Bee and the Bluebirds
19:15  Rythmatik
19:35  Bellatrix / Kolrassa krókríðandi
20:00  Reykjavíkurdætur

Ball in Ingólfstorg

17:00  Bollywood dance group from Kramhúsið
17:10  Tanya and the Zumba Divas
17:30 Come and Dance Company invites you to a ball

Accordion Ball in the City Hall

Accordion Club of Reykjavík

The celebration area is Kvosin, including Austurvöllur, Kirkjustræti, Templarasund, Ingólfstorg, Arnarhóll, Tjarnargarður and Reykjavík Harbour.  Car traffic in this area will be limited.

The supervision of the Independence Day programme is in the hands of the Independence Committee of the Sport and Youth Council of Reykjavík.

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