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What's On Magazine - June 2014

June in Iceland 2013

WO_JuneWelcome to June in Iceland 2013. The first official Icelandic summer month. Sure, technically, the first day of summer may be sometime in April, but this is the first true month of summer. In June we gloriously celebrate our National Day on the 17th. That is the day we Icelanders finally gained full independence from Denmark, back in 1944. The National Day is something no respectable visitor of our country should like to miss, as the throng of face-painted children and joyful parades are genuinely a pleasant experience.

June is also a month of a lot of daylight. Basically, from the 16th of June onwards, you can expect the sun to set after midnight, which is really cool to see. It’ll rise again less than 3 hours later, so catching the sunset and sunrise on the same night is relatively easy. Of course it’ll be blazingly bright the whole night for the majority of the summer as well.

We decided to try something new for the summer editions of What’s On, by hosting our very own Instagram game/competition. All you have to do is tag your photos with the hashtag #WhatsOnRvk and you’re automatically in the running! Each month we’ll select a few pictures and display them in the magazine – trying to capture the atmosphere of the Icelandic summer. So if you want your picture to be featured in What’s On, go ahead and snap some shots, use the hashtag #WhatsOnRvk and you just might get lucky.

On top of it all – by the end of summer,  we’ll select the best of the best, and award the talented photographer with a luxurious jacket from the original Icelandic clothing brand, Cintamani.

Enjoy your stay in Iceland and please go ahead – share your photos with us, and we may well feature them!

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