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June in Iceland

June in Iceland (2015)

juneHey Ho and Yippy Yay and Yippy aYay, the 17th of June is upon us.

So chant the masses, while waving their flags, holding their balloons, parading through town. Eagerly singing this, one of Iceland’s worst, yet most catchy tunes.

Every year, roughly around the same time, it descends upon us in a torrent of festivities and celebration. The Icelandic National Day. The 17th of June. And oh let us sing its praise with this simplistic song, bearing no significance whatsoever, except to herald the fact that the National Day is in fact … here.
Hey Ho and Yippy Yay and Yippy aYay …

Oh, well. My annoyance is of course of no use, as I can’t help but love day, just as much as the next man. Despite its lack of musical excellence, our National Day is fun and lively. As a rule it’ll be raining, but we don’t mind as we’ve got CANDY FLOSS. Some sort of sleet and storm? Who cares—there’s a parade going, and look! It’s María Ólafs, our Eurovision hero, performing her newest hit song!

Yes—we have fun. And yes—you should join the fun and partake in this yearly event, where we all just have a good time, regardless of anything else.
In other news: June in Iceland means constant brightness and a lot of visitors! Welcome! I’m very optimistic of a great June, with good weather and loads of fun things happening.
Make sure you don’t miss the Viking Festival at the Viking Village, The International Organ Summer at Hallgrímskirkja and the Secret Solstice Music Festival in Laugardalur!

– Hjörtur Atli, editor

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