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What's On Magazine - June 2014

June in Reykjavik (2014)

WO_JUNE_WEBIt seems like June is going to be a particularly musical month, with at least three major musical events of completely different genre taking place – and all being covered in this issue of What’s On.

The cover photo this month features the world-renowned Mahler Chamber Orchestra, one of the most respected chamber orchestras in the world and a winner of several Grammy’s amongst other critical acclaim. Why? Well because they’re coming to Iceland, playing, for the first time, in June, as part of the Reykjavik Midsummer Music festival between the 13th and 16th of June. The festival is covered in the magazine and promises to be great!

More music? The Summer Solstice music festival takes place in late June – in Laugardalur. That’s going to be a lot of fun, as Iceland gets to experience a “real” type of music festival with outdoor stages and major bands playing (such as Massive Attack which is…well…massive!)
Further things of interest are then definitely the annual Viking Festival in Hafnafjörður. Celebrated every year on the 17th of June (Iceland’s national day!) the Vikings of Iceland meet, celebrate, brawl and sing for a couple of days, which is truly a great time for all – spectators and participants alike.

So get ready for a packed June – summer is here, which means Iceland kicks into high gear. Now you just have to make sure you enjoy it!

Check out the issue here.

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