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Making Laufabrauð With the Family – An Icelandic Tradition

Christmas is all about traditions. Most Icelandic families keep the tradition of making Laufabrauð (literally “leaf bread”), and mine is no exception. To clarify, Laufabrauð are very thin wheat breads decorated with leaf-like pattern and then deep fried briefly. The breads are then served with Christmas dinner or kept as a snack throughout Christmas.

These family gatherings are one of my favourite Christmas traditions; young and old members of the family gather to cut the bread together, some trying their best to make theirs unique by exploiting their artistic side, while others are mostly there for the cookies and the good company.

Here are some photos that I would like to share with you from this year’s Laufabrauð making.*

*To be clear; they’re not all decorated by me; my sister made the prettiest ones.

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