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Sirkus Íslands

Let’s go to the Circus! – Sirkus Íslands in Reykjavik

Sirkus Íslands

Candyfloss, popcorn, drums, laughter, acrobats, trapeze acts, jugglers, clowns, fun, excitement and more fun. Picture all these things happening in a huge striped tent; yes you guessed right: The circus is in town!!

Sirkus Íslands, the place to be!

There’s something charming and mystical about going to the circus. For me it has some old fashioned charm about it. They have three different shows for different age groups, and last winter, I went to see their “grown up” Cabaret show in Reykjavík, which was inspired by burlesque and vaudeville theatre. I decided to check it out as I’d heard good reviews.

It was a dark evening (well our winter is pretty much one long dark evening). Inside the tent it was warm; you could hear the clamour of people sitting down, buying hot wine and candy floss (okay, only I had the candyfloss). Excitement was in the air.

The show at Sirkús Íslands started and next thing I remember is the intermission, with tears of laughter running down my face and much stronger abs than before. We’re talking about fire eaters, rope climbers, belly dancers, contortionists, with an edgy twist of nudity and below the belt humour, pushing the moral boundaries of the audience – but I’m not sure if any of us had such rigid boundaries actually. It’s safe to say that Sirkus Íslands nailed it.

This summer, Sirkús Íslands is travelling around the country, and will be in Reykjavík 9th- 12th of july. I absolutely recommend it. Three different shows are offered, so everyone can find something to their taste. (Don’t be alarmed by the descriptions here above of the edgy grown-up circus, the other shows are harmless and funny for the whole family, and even one for the younger kids). Bring your family and friends and enjoy a lovely afternoon of laughter in Reykjavík.

Read more about the event in our event calendar.

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