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The Lighting of the Imagine Peace Tower 2016

Photo by Roman Gerysmenko.

Ten years ago, Yoko Ono unveiled her outdoor work of art, the Imagine Peace Tower of pure light, on the island of Viðey, just off the Reykjavík coast, for the first time. It will be re-lit for the 10th time, this Sunday, on John Lennon’s birthday, October 9th.

The light of the Imagine Peace tower comes from a wishing well on Viðey, with the words “Imagine Peace” engraved on it in 24 languages. The tower is dedicated to the memory of John Lennon and his and Ono’s fight for world peace. It’s lit every year on John’s birthday and extinguished on the day of his assassination, December 8th. Yoko Ono invites all guest of the lighting of IMAGINE PEACE TOWER to write their wishes on a piece of paper and place them on one of the four wish trees, which will be located at Viðeyjarstofa and Viðeyjarnaust at Viðey Island and at the Reykjavík Art Museum, Hafnarhús.

Yoko Ono invites everyone to sail free of charge to Viðey Island for the ceremony of the Illumination of IMAGINE PEACE TOWER with the Viðey Island Ferry.

  • 4:45 – 7:10 pm: The City Bus runs from Hlemmur bus terminal to Skarfabakki Pier every 20 minutes. The City Bus is free of charge from Hlemmur bus terminal to Skarfabakki Pier and back again.
  • 5:00- 7:30 pm: The ferry sails from Skarfabakki Pier to Viðey Island.
  • 9:00 pm: After the ceremony, the ferry sails from Viðey Island to Skarfabakki Pier until the island has been evacuated. The City Bus will run to Hlemmur bus terminal from Skarfabakki Pier until the last ferry has arrived.

For people who come early, there will be a choice of various events.

  • 5:30 pm-7:30 pm: Family Lab hosted by Reykjavík Art Museum at Viðeyjarstofa.
  • 5:15-6:30 pm: Guided tours on the history of Viðey and the works of Richard Serra (available in English).
  • 6:30 pm: Music performance by Soffía Björg.
  • 7:40 pm: The choir Söngfjelagið performs by the Imagine Peace Tower.
  • 8 pm: The illumination of the Imagine Peace Tower.
  • 8:30- 9:30 pm: Music performance by Snorri Helgason at Viðeyjarnaust.

Refreshments can be bought in Viðeyjarnaust and Viðeyjarstofa.

Attention! – Everyone is encouraged to dress according to weather! For more information, check out

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