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March in Reykjavik

March in Reykjavik, Iceland

March in ReykjavikEven though Iceland is plenty busy during the darkness of winter, it always has a revitalising effect on Icelanders to see the sun rising just a little bit earlier every morning. The spring equinox is in March, meaning there’s going to be sunny days ahead, and Iceland is getting busy! March in Reykjavík is filled with exciting festivals and events for all senses.

For the ears, it’s the music festivals! Not only is legendary Ísafjörður music festival “Aldrei fór ég Suður” happening this Easter, but Reykjavík also has a few treats for music lovers, specifically folk and blues lovers. Reykjavík Folk Festival takes place early March at Kex hostel, and later in the month, Reykjavík Blues Festival takes over Hilton hotel Nordica.

If taste is your favourite sense, prepare to have Iceland become your favourite country! The Food and Fun festival takes place in March for the 15th time this year. Chefs from all over the world are flying to Iceland to cook up mouth-watering menus from Icelandic ingredients at some of Reykjavík’s top restaurants. For those with a sweet tooth, March is also the season for Easter eggs. The eggs are not only made from chocolate; they’re also filled with candy!

Last but not least, DesignMarch is set to be a sight for sore eyes. Icelandic design is not only practical, beautiful and clever, it’s also an established profession that’s invaluable for Icelandic business life. DesignMarch focuses on showcasing the best of the best of Icelandic design as well as giving newcomers a chance to show off their ideas. All of Reykjavík joins in and there are events celebrating design all over the city.

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