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What's On Magazine - May 2013

May in Iceland 2013

13MayMay in Iceland 2013 is great. In fact – it‘s one of the best months to visit. you see, in May, Icelanders are generally happy. Things are just going good for most people. May means the days are getting longer, so it‘s not going to be dark all the time anymore. The oh-so-annoying Icelandic phenomena of “Window weather” starts to become less and less frequent (Window weather shall be explained shortly, don‘t worry), and to top it all, Summer is coming with its BBQs, camping trips, just-abovedecent weather and the much awaited summer vacation. So you‘ll catch us in a good mood in May – don‘t worry.

This is why our cover for this month’s edition has climbing kids in it. They‘re happy and enjoying life, just like we are in May.

Now … Window Weather is what we have for the majority of March to April (when it‘s not snowing). This concept is generally recognized in Iceland and you‘re bound to score some points with the locals if you curse the Window Weather. Basically what it means is that the sun is shining, the weather is incredibly beautiful, it looks like summer has come to embrace you and everything is amazing. But then you go outside, only to realize, that it‘s still February, you still live in Iceland and thus, it‘s literally freezing outside. Beautiful, but cold. Sounds familiar?

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