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May in Iceland (2015)

womay15Good bye winter and may you return to find us awaiting you with a welcoming embrace, following a sunshine filled, heat-record breaking summer.

You were a cruel guest, winter, tormenting us with constant, unexpected, infuriating snow storms, hail storms, blizzards and all sorts of nuisances, seemingly designed specifically to cause as much annoyance as possible.

If that was your goal, then you’ve succeeded.

Now… Let’s put the solemnness aside and celebrate the fact that May is actually here. Finally.

The highlight of May in Iceland is undoubtedly the Reykjavik Arts Festival. This annual festival promises to be great this year, with BANDALOOP providing the opening act. They’re featured on the cover as well! Following that, the whole month is filled with great exhibitions, acts and activities in connection with Reykjavik Arts Festival. We encourage one and all to try to experience as much of it as possible!

May also of course marks the month of Eurovision. Icelanders are for some reason crazed by Eurovision, believing every year that “this is our year” and we’ll actually win the thing. We have an unusually good song going for us this year, so here’s for hoping I guess…

So all in all we’re in for a good month. We can safely say we’ve left winter behind, and as such face the oncoming summer with our usual completely illogical over-optimism. We know, deep down inside, we’ll probably be disappointed and that we’re most likely in for, yet another rainy, cold windy summer. But right now, we don’t really care.

Summer is coming, and we’re going to make the most of it.

Check out the May 2015 issue here.

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