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Volcano Eruption Iceland

“This is a much larger eruption”

A much larger eruption has started around 06:00 today, august 31st 2014 in the same place as the last one in Bardarbunga.

“This is a much larger eruption, there’s a lot more lava coming out in this than in the last eruption.” says Svein­björn Steinþórs­son with the National Geological institute.

There are no explosions and the fissure has reached 7-800 meters further north, out of the existing lava field and into the sands beyond. The activity is steady in a roughly 1200 meter long crevice now.

The scientist have to clear the area due to a storm but say when they drove away the eruption showed no intention of slowing down. The scale of the eruption is being evaluated.

A much larger  eruption, volcano in Iceland
A much larger eruption


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