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2024 Eruption near Grindavík. Photo: Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management

New Eruption Near Grindavík

Yesterday morning, a new eruption started near the town of Grindavík. The town had been evacuated and later during the day, the lava reached houses on the edge of town, burning a few houses already. The area is closed until further notice and hiking in the area prohibited. This is the latest eruption in Reykjanes in a new period of volcanic activity on the peninsula that started in 2021. The previous eruption that started on 18 December 2023 lasted only for around three days but early signs indicate this one could last longer, albeit not as powerful as the previous one.

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You can follow news on the latest developments of the eruption on Iceland Review and RÚV.

The photo above is from the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management.

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