Let us tell you about restaurants, bars, shops, and more that are New in Reykjavík in June 2018. This month: Box Street Food, World Cup screenings, Miami Hverfisgata and Waitress in Fall.

Miami Hverfisgata

Photo: Facebook Miami Hverfisgata

Box Street Food

Every Thursday to Sunday between June 1 and July 29, Box Street Food market is set up in Skeifan, a shopping area located a bit outside of downtown. Next to pop up stores, food trucks and bars, it also contains a screen showing World Cup matches and a music stage. Dishes are sold for low prices, and guests are encouraged to try different dishes, instead of buying one meal at one restaurant.

Box Street Food

Photo: Reykjavik.is

World Cup screenings

Until July 15, a big screen is set up showing World Cup matches at Ingólfstorg square in downtown Reykjavík. All matches will be shown there. Even though Team Iceland is eliminated, Ingólfstorg square is one of the best spots to watch football games, with a fun crowd and centrally located with lots of vendors around.

Icelandic Team

Miami Hverfisgata

Miami is a new eighties-style cocktail bar located on Hverfisgata. The bar is decorated with custom-made furniture and staff wears custom-tailored suits, all designed by Miami. The bar sells its own furniture and clothes range through their website and at the bar. In the basement, a ping pong table is set up. People can play games there, and also buy ping pong gadgets through Miami’s website. Check this place out for cocktails, games and good vibes.

Miami Hverfisgata

Waitress in Fall

Author Kristín Ómarsdóttir has written six novels, seven poetry books, three short story books, and half a dozen of plays. She has been at the front line of the Icelandic literary scene for over thirty years, and now finally anglophone readers can get acquainted with her poems. Waitress in Fall (136 pages, published by Carcanet & Partus) contains a selection of her poems in translation, picked from her seven-collection oeuvre. Her poems describe surreal landscapes, but are also about love, vulnerability, sex and having fun.

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