Let us tell you about restaurants, bars, shops, and more that are New in Reykjavík in January 2019. This month: Systir Restaurant, Luna Flórens, Reykjavík Roasters Ásmundarsalur, and Flatey Hlemmur.

New in Reykjavík in January 2019

Systir Restaurant

In the space above Iceland’s first Michelin-starred restaurant, Dill, a companion restaurant has recently opened. A “sister” restaurant, if you will. In fact, it’s literally called Systir! Systir is a little less involved of a dining experience, with small plates to share and some amazing cocktails to go with them. If you’re in the mood for a full meal, you can get the chef’s choice of five dishes. You’re bound to leave fully satisfied with lingering flavours of Nordic cuisine.

New in Reykjavík in January 2019
Photo: Facebook Systir Restaurant

Luna Flórens

When you walk into Luna Flórens, you’re not quite sure if it’s a café, a gift shop, a bar, or even a florist. Good news is, it’s all of the above! Luna Flórens describe themselves as a holistic bar and boutique. It’s a quiet piece of oasis in the city’s hubbub, a cosy place to taste delicious cocktails, flowering teas, and luxurious vegan cakes. After enjoying the refreshments on offer, take the time to check out the plants, crystals, and art, available for sale.

New in Reykjavík in January 2019

Reykjavík Roasters Ásmundarsalur

Reykjavík Roasters is by now firmly established as one of the premier places to get a coffee in Reykjavík (and the competition is stiff), so it should count as great news that they’ve opened up a new location in one of the city’s art galleries. In the former two locations, they’ve managed to create a wonderfully creative and friendly atmosphere and the new café, just a stone’s throw from Hallgrímskirkja church, is no exception.

New in Reykjavík in January 2019
Photo: Facebook Reykjavík Roasters

Flatey Hlemmur

The delicious pizzas at Flatey are probably the closest you’ll come to having a Neapolitan pizza experience in Reykjavík. Their restaurant in the old harbour district has been serving up delicious Italian-style pizza for a while already. Now, you can also enjoy their tasty pies at Hlemmur Mathöll. They have a few pizzas with innovative ingredients that will make your mouth water. However, it’s hard to beat the simplicity and freshness of their Margherita or Marinara.

New in Reykjavík in January 2019
Photo: Facebook Flatey Pizza

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