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New in Town – September 2021

Every month, we tell you about Reykjavík’s newest restaurants, bars, hangouts, and more. What is hip and happening in and around the city? In this month’s edition: Stél, The Grumpy Whale, Granólabarinn, and Héðinn Kitchen & Bar.


Stél serves Nashville-style deep-fried chicken, a recipe that has gained worldwide popularity in recent years but did not reach Iceland yet. The chicken is marinated in a special spice mixture of 13 spices, and customers can then choose the spiciness level of their meal. The options are not spicy, a little bit spicy, very spicy, and uncomfortably spicy. There is also one level above this, the Pamela Anderson 1995, which is only available under the counter. Those who don’t like spicy food, can order the chicken sandwich with ponzu mayo or the barbecue bacon chicken sandwich, so there’s something for everybody. Stél is located at Ægisiða 123 in the same building as hamburger restaurant Smass.

The Grumpy Whale, photo by The Grumpy Whale
The Grumpy Whale, photo by The Grumpy Whale.

The Grumpy Whale

What’s better than drinking a cup of hot cocoa on a chilly day full of adventures? You can get your hot cocoa fix at The Grumpy Whale, located in downtown Reykjavík at Skólavörðustígur 3a. Their hot chocolate recipe was created after a long, cold hike in the Bjáfjöll mountains and is the perfect treat during any time spend outdoors, or indoors for that matter. Currently, they sell two kinds of regular hot chocolate mixes and one white hot chocolate mix, developed for the Beluga Whale Sanctuary in the Westman Islands. You just need to add a warm (plant) milk of your liking and then it’s time to enjoy. All products of The Grumpy Whale are plant-based, and they aim to be a responsible and sustainable company.


Granólabarinn markets themselves as the place your mom wants you to go to. They sell different granola products with no added sugar and only natural goodness. Everything is sweetened with fresh bananas and dried fruit. Next to healthy granola options, they sell delicious nicecream bowls filled with fruits, plant milks or Greek yoghurt, and all kinds of tasty toppings. And the best thing is, the whole family can eat here with a clean conscience. Granólabarinn is a family business run by mothers Tobba Marinósdóttir and Guðbjörg Birkis with help from their partners and children. They are located in the Grandi area at Grandagarður 19.

Nicecream bowl, photo by Granólabarinn.

Héðinn Kitchen & Bar

Héðinn Kitchen & Bar is the restaurant inside the brand-new Center Hotel Grandi on Seljavegur 2. It is located in the renovated Héðinshúsið building which used to be one of the industrial centres of Reykjavík and the hotel honours the building’s industrial past, with a modern touch. Héðinn Kitchen & Bar is open for lunch and dinner and offers simple but delicious dishes using high-quality seasonal ingredients. There’s happy hour every weekday from 16:00 to 18:00 and they have an extensive cocktail menu as well as a good selection of wines. Soon brunch will be added to the menu, and a coffeehouse and spa are scheduled to open in the hotel as well.

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