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BrewDog Reykjavík

New in Town – September 2018

Let us tell you about Reykjavík’s newest restaurants, bars, hangouts and more. This month: HAF STORE, Jæja, BrewDog, and Reykjavík Meat.

BrewDog Reykjavík


HAF STORE is a new design shop in the old harbour area of Reykjavík. The store sells products made by design studio HAF STUDIO. They spent one year renovating the building and have turned the place into one of the most beautiful shops in Reykjavík. Their use of lighting, colours and space create a unique customer experience. They sell their own designs, but also selected international and Icelandic brands. If you’re looking to complete your home, check this place out.

HAF STORE Reykjavík


If you listen to two Icelanders talking, no doubt you will hear them say jæja several times. Jæja is a funny word. It is used in many ways and can mean anything from “What’s new?” to “That’s strange” to “Let’s get started!” depending on context and intonation. And now, it also refers to a new eatery inside Hlemmur Mathöll. Jæja offers six fresh salads and three tasty sandwiches to eat there or for on the go. Perfect for lunch and to beat that afternoon slump.

Jæja Hlemmur Mathöll


BrewDog is a hip chain bar with locations all over the world, and since September, also in Reykjavík. They are located one street down from main shopping street Laugavegur, in a brand-new building on Hverfisgata. They have 20 taps offering BrewDog’s favourite brews, as well as seasonal beers, one-off brews and other exclusive batches. Next to a wide selection of beers, they offer a food menu including burgers, wings, steaks and mussels.

BrewDog Reykjavík

Reykjavík Meat

“Nice to meat you” is the tagline of Reykjavík Meat, a new steakhouse on Frakkastígur. As you might suspect, meat is dominating their menu. Crowning their menu is the award-winning sashi beef, and they are one of the few places in Reykjavík offering this meat. They also offer different kinds of seafood and lamb meat, so people will have a lot of choice. Despite their slogan, they do offer something for vegetarians and vegans, with a dish based on grilled carrot, romaine and pumpkin.

Reykjavík Meat
Photo: Facebook Reykjavík Meat

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