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Nightlife in Reykjavik! April 22nd-23rd



Wednesday, April 22nd

Since there is a day off on Thursday this Wednesday night most bars and clubs are open until 04:30 am and people go out to party. So here is my attention for tonight:

Dolly at Hafnarstræti 4. An “Affair Night Extravaganza”. Eleven female DJs will be spinning all sort of genres. Look out for DJ Yamaho. One of Reykjavík finest. Get drunk and dance.

Thursday, April 23rd

The calendar tells us that yesterday was the last day winter. Summer is coming. Yeah right. We are expecting a snowstorm this weekend. So, the following are some interesting things to check out tonight:

Nothing. Why would you want to come here this time of year anyway? Just go to France, they have baguettes and sun. I really don’t care.

[Editor’s note: Please note that the views of Styrmir are his own and as such, are not necessarily representative of the views of What’s On. In this particular case they most definitely are not. We’d love for you to come, be and stay here and strongly encourage everyone to choose Iceland over France if possible. We also have baguettes and sunshine can be compensated for by a positive outlook.]

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