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Nightlife in Reykjavik – Friday April 10th


So it’s Friday and as Rebecca Black once told us: 

Partyin’, partyin’ (Yeah)

Partyin’, partyin’ (Yeah)

Fun, fun, fun, fun

Lookin’ forward to the weekend

Friday, Friday.


I’m leaving work early to hit happy hour at Bar Ananas. There you have an option of the cocktail of the day which is all day on special offer 2 for 1. Hopefully it’s the Flamingophant, named after the art work inside on one of the walls. Bar Ananas is a Tiki Bar and will do it’s best on this cold island to fill us up for our daily dose of vitamin D.

At 5ive p.m. in Lucky Records, Mani Orrason will release his first album, Repeating Patterns. Mani Orrason is an Icelandic singer- songwriter and multi instrumentalist born in Reykjavík on the 24th of December 1997. The 7th child of his parents and later to be one of 10 brothers and sisters. Brought up in a musical home, Mani soon showed interest in his life’s passion-to-be. At the young age of 2 he moved with his family to Spain, where he has lived the greatest part of his life since then. Growing up, experimenting and playing instruments it soon became apparent that Mani had a unique musical sensitivity and talent.


Mani will be playing a few songs at Lucky Records and Lucky will be celebrating that by having some BBQ, as in addition to Slippbarinn mixing up some of their favourite cocktails. Slippbarinn is a cocktail bar inside Icelandair Hotel Marina. This should be highly enjoyable.

Now let’s find our way back down Laugavegur towards a restaurant named K-Bar. I´m always in the mood for something a little offbeat and you can surely find that there. Asian fusion cuisine cooked perfectly. After having a few bites of Lucky’s BBQ I’ll probably settle for the hot and fiery KFC wings (not to be confused with the fast food chain). The wings are just delicious. K-Bar also takes pride in excellent craft cocktails and a variety of beer choices. I just love the vibe at this restaurant.

So, I guess we are a little bit tipsy at this point. So let’s consume more alcohol. Since we are this high on Laugavegur we might as well do some bar hopping. First stop is Boston Reykjavík Bar. Boston was born after the popular bar Sirkus closed down in 2007. Now Boston hosts much of the old crowd which is made up of artists, musicians and hipsters of all ages. It almost feels like this bar is supposed to be a hidden treasure as their entrance is but a black door in a wall. Upon walking up the stairs you are greeted with a Victorian style room with candlelight and mismatched furniture. The romantic setting is completed with old classic hits and people of all types cluttered around enjoying their hangout. Boston has become a trendy place for a slightly alternative scene. Óli Dóri is spinning records there tonight, he is also a radio host for a program that specialises in new alternative music. Great DJ.

Next stop on our way downtown is Bravó. Bravó is a small and cosy bar that hosts a diverse range of DJs almost every day of the week. You can go there to party, socialise, chill or to get a panini. Yes, tonight is a special Panini-night. It has nothing to do with the music genre that night nor Italians. Yours truly will be behind the decks there tonight so please come here and stay all night. That’s all folks! 😛

No. We have to be professional here. Other things that might be interesting tonight are:

DJ Flugvél and Fufanu in Húrra Bar at 21:00. If you are interested in the quirkiness this will be highly entertaining.

There is something about this Friday. Go out and have fun!

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