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Nightlife in Reykjavik! May 1st



Today is Labor Day, a national holiday in Iceland. That means we have a three day weekend. Just like in The Gambia. But let’s concentrate on Iceland. Rick Astley was supposed to perform in Reykjavík tonight, but he is nowhere to be found. Organizers have put ticket sales on ice and the rumor has it he is afraid of flying and didn’t know that flying was his only option in getting here. Never gonna give you up, yeah right. So what else is there since Rick has clearly told a lie and desert us.

Matur og Drykkur.

At the restaurant, they’ve gone looking for history – and then refined it. So the classic halibut, mussel, whey soup is turned into the loveliest chowder you can imagine. A welcoming atmosphere, great food and the feeling of something authentic. I urge you to try the Cod’s head! It is one of the most festive, tasty and culturally rewarding experiences I have ever had. Go early, skip the rush hour at 7 pm and the staff will treat you with all their charm.

Bar Ananas.

Tonight is a special night at this Tiki Bar on Klapparstígur. “Diva La Revolúción” – 2 for 1 of cocktails. Probably the best we to get tipsy at the right moment of the night. Come early, get a table upstairs and watch the place get electrified in dance, just before the clock hits 1 am when it shuts down. Then it’s on to the next one.

Few places to look out for after midnight:
  • Húrra – DJ Símon FKNHNDSM.
  • Boston Reykjavík – DJ 2.25% <pilsner>.
  • Dollý – DJ Hunk of a Man aka Maggi Lego herr Legovitz. Expect a DJ with a pink mustache to get your body moving. Without a doubt the best place to listen to electronical music in Reykjavík. House, deep house, minimal house, but no tech house.
  • Prikið – DJ Sonur Sæll and Gunni Ewok. Come here if you like hip hop. This establishment is one of the oldest in Reykjavík and the small area downstairs get’s turnt up late at night.
  • The Lebowski Bar – Rockabilly night.
  • Bravó – Reggae night with RVK Soundsystem.


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