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The Northern Lights in April

Northern Lights in April

Northern Lights in AprilOne of the great things about living on an island way up in the North atlantic is that you‘ll regularly experience spectacles the rest of the world rarely, if ever, gets to see. The Northern lights in April – aurora Borealis – are a great example of just such a spectacle.

During the grim, dark, winter nights, that engulf basically two thirds of the year, at times, these magnificent lights show up, lighting up the sky with every imaginable hue of green, blue, purple and colours whose names we don‘t even know.

These light shows alone are worth a trip to Iceland, as they are incredibly memorable, and the country is conveniently rural, meaning it‘s easy to escape the pollution of city lights.

April is the last month of this winter to truly experience the northern lights, as the days are getting longer and before we know it it‘ll be bright all through the night.

So we urge you to seize every opportunity available to get a bit out of town and experience the wonder that is the northern

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