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October in Reykjavik

October in Reykjavik (2015)

October in ReykjavikOctober in Reykjavik is upon us! The midnight sun is long gone, and the creeping darkness is taking over, but with it come the Northern Lights! The colors of autumn still linger on some trees and are truly beautiful while the sky is blue and clear, and quite cosy when the rain sets in—marking the true feel of fall.

The air, which is, of course, always pure and sweet (we’re in Iceland, mind you), is just a little bit fresher—crispier—thanks to the winter frost that takes hold of, almost, each night. Before we now it, there is snow and Christmas stuff in the stores.

It usually starts snowing in October in Reykjavik, so don’t be alarmed if you wake up to frosty grounds, with clear skies, go out to be greeted by gray skies and rain, get dried off by the lowering sun by lunch, holding on to your hat because of the stormy wind by midday and then during dinner, go out to see a night that should be pitch black, brightened up by white glowing clouds and downpour of snow.

What I’m saying is dress accordingly.

There are a lot of things happening in Reykjavik and surroundings every day. During the weekends, the nightlife in downtown Reykjavik is flourishing, and even during the weeknights, most bars have some events planned, whether it be trivia nights, movie showings, DJs, live bands or whatnot! You can check out our Event Calendar, both later in this magazine and online on for something for everyone.

The uncrowned king of events is arguably the Northern Lights, and I’m guessing you want to see them and we do our best to help! In this issue of What’s On, you will find an article that helps you read the Northern Lights forecast (which can be a bit tricky) and another on the best way to see the lights. Of course, if you want more help or want to book a Northern Lights tour, come over to us on Tryggvagata 11 in Downtown Reykjavik, and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Have a great stay in Reykjavik!

Read the What’s On October issue.

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