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October in Reykjavik (2014)

WO_OCT_2014So we’ve got a volcano on the cover of this month’s What’s On Magzine.

It might seem a little strange, seeing as this volcano isn’t even close to Reykjavik and the magazine is in fact called “What’s On in Reykjavik,” but we felt it fit, as the eruption that’s been going on for over a month now, is really the main thing that’s on.

And we sent some reporters up there. Twice. They took pictures and wrote a whole bunch of articles, so it felt fitting to feature one of them on the cover. That of course goes hand in hand as well with the 3 pages long coverage on the volcano later in this magazine. This volcano thing is truly crazy and flying over there is something everyone should seriously think about doing – it’s truly amazing.

Other than volcano news, Iceland is filled with interesting things as usual. RIFF, the Reykjavik International Film Festival is still on and then, in the earlier part of October, the ever lovely Yoko Ono will light the Imagine Peace Tower – a shining beacon that keeps us warm during those long October nights.

So all in all a good month ahead, winter is creeping ever closer with dark nights and cool days. But we don’t mind. We got northern lights, volcanoes and plenty of things to keep us occupied – so enjoy your stay!

Check out the October 2014 issue here.

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