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April in Iceland

April in Iceland (2015)

aprWe’re going with a very classic and iconic cover this month, celebrating the good man that was Leifur Eiríksson. He’s the guy that discovered America a few hundred years before Columbus did. His father also discovered Greenland, so these were quite industrious guys!

April in Iceland. The sun is rising ever higher in the sky, setting later and rising earlier. We love just that. Gone is the gloom of winter, and enters the joyful hope of spring.

As usual there are loads of things going on in April and we try our best to cover most of them in the issue. The highlights in our minds are for example the Sequences real-time art festival, between the 10th and 19th of April, and the recent exhibition of the ancient Icelandic manuscripts of the Settlement Sagas. They’re on display in the same building as the Settlement Exhibition, a part of the Reykjavik City Museum, and are truly one of the crown jewels of Icelandic literature history.

Then of course we have Easter. But they’re kind of a universal thing, so we just mention a bit about the specific Icelandic traditions around Easter, which, as is usual with Icelandic traditions, have to do with candy.

April promises to be an exciting month. March was quite horrendous as far as weather was concerned, so we approach April with a moderate amount of optimism, as it’s still early enough in the year, that really everything can happen…

But here’s for good weather, happy people and an adventurous life! Have a great stay in Iceland!

Check out the April 2015 issue here.

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