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Grandi Mathöll

Opening Soon – Grandi Mathöll

Soon, Reykjavík will gain its second food hall. After the immense success of Hlemmur Mathöll, the time seems right. Grandi Mathöll will open in Reykjavik’s old harbour area Grandi, which is one of the city’s fastest developing neighbourhoods. The opening weekend is from June 1-3, and it is part of the Festival of the Sea that is also organised in the area during that same weekend.

Grandi Mathöll

Street food

The concept behind Grandi Mathöll is inspired by similar venues across Europe. Food halls rapidly gained popularity all around Europe. And even though they have been popular in other Nordic countries for a while now, until recently there were none in Iceland. Iceland’s first food hall, Hlemmur Mathöll, opened only last summer and has been a popular spot among locals and visitors since. Grandi Mathöll is based on a slightly different concept than Hlemmur Mathöll, with a focus on street food. People are encouraged to try different dishes from several food stands, instead of picking just one meal at one restaurant.


New flavours

When Grandi Mathöll was announced, applications in the hundreds streamed in from would-be restaurateurs, both Icelandic and foreign. The eight selected all offer up something unusual, from a new twist on a local staple, to flavours never before tasted in Iceland. Grandi Mathöll will also feature a pop-up truck which will host a new tenant each month, meaning dedicated foodies will always have a reason to keep coming back.

Salmon and Bubbles

Meeting point

Food will not be the only thing on offer to the hall’s visitors, but also events, organised in collaboration with its restaurants. Events will reflect festivals and holidays being celebrated in Reykjavík, whether it’s Iceland Airwaves or the Icelandic National Day on June 17. Grandi Mathöll will be the perfect meeting point for people who want to discover the harbour area. Families and friends can eat together, go to a museum and watch the boats in the harbour.

Grandi Harbour



Offers Icelandic lamb meat as well as unique smoked meat coming straight from a farm in Northeast Iceland. They use free-range meat and have a minimal carbon footprint.

Fusion Fish & Chips

The aim of Fusion Fish & Chips is to create classic dishes with a new approach. They combine Nordic and Japanese cuisine, but don’t like to be put in a box. They use Icelandic cod, which is caught and processed by the company itself, making the raw material 100% traceable.

Rabbar Barinn

Vegetables, herbs, flowers, fresh soups and sandwiches, Rabbar Barinn is Iceland’s mini farmers market. All produce is Icelandic and produced in an environmentally-friendly way. The owner comes from a family which grows Icelandic vegetables.


KORE will be Reykjavik’s “Koreatown”, and offers LA style Korean tacos, NY Korean fried chicken and Korean vodka. Locally produced kimchi is also on the menu.


LAX’s menu consists of hot and cold seafood dishes, changing with the seasons. They combine seafood with a variety of sparkling wines. They have Italian sparkling wine on tap, which is unique in Iceland.


Víetnam offers colourful Vietnamese dishes, made with fresh Icelandic ingredients, like rice paper rolls and banh mi sandwiches.

Micro Roast Vínbar

Micro Roast Vínbar is the newest project of the popular Te & Kaffi chain. They will offer various dishes and sweets, as well as quality wine and freshly brewed coffee.

The Gastro Truck

The Gastro Truck offers take-away food with a twist, that can be classified as “upper-class street food”. It’s easy, healthy take-away food made with the freshest ingredients.

Pop-Up Truck

Something different every one to two months. Entrepreneurs are invited to show their new concept at the Pop-Up Truck.


We hope to see you soon at Grandi Mathöll!

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