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What to Pack for the Secret Solstice Festival 2017

Secret Solstice is coming up and the What’s On staff is getting excited! There’s nothing like partying all night long under the midnight sun, listening to the music of international stars as well as the most exciting artists in Iceland right now. In order to fully enjoy the festival, it’s best to be prepared!

A Tent (Or Not)

The festival takes place in the Laugardalur Valley, a recreational area for the locals, home to parks, thermal pools, sports stadiums and the city’s biggest campsite. The easiest accommodation you can get is staying in a tent, just a short walk away from the festival area. If bringing a tent is inconvenient, you can rent one that’s already been pitched, ready and waiting when you arrive.

Secret Solstice

A Lopapeysa Sweater

Technically your outerwear doesn’t have to be the Icelandic woollen sweater known as the lopapeysa but it doesn’t hurt! The Icelandic weather is notoriously fickle, even at the height of summer, so be prepared to add an extra layer or two to keep warm all through the night.

A Swimsuit

In addition to warm clothes, you’re going to need a bathing suit. Laugardalur Valley is not only the home of the Secret Solstice Festival but also the Laugardalur swimming pool, the largest of the Reykjavík thermal pools. With an Olympic-sized swimming pool, several hot tubs of varying temperature, a wading pool, a water slide and a steam bath, this watery paradise has more in common with a luxurious spa than a public swimming pool and soaking in the geothermally heated hot water is a must when you’re visiting Iceland.


Party Clothes

Dressing for warmth is a good idea but dressing for fashion is also a must! Icelanders have a keen eye for fashion and you don’t want to look out of touch with the cool-looking crowd of natives. Whether you’re serving fringed and flower-crowned ‘70s realness or a Spice Girls-inspired 90’s look, you better bring your A-game!

Sensible(-ish) Shoes

Secret Solstice is an outdoor festival and there’s nothing worse than being stuck wearing stilettos on grass for a whole night. You don’t have to wear boots (although you can if you want to) but bring shoes that can withstand asphalt as well as grass, (or even a little mud) to stay comfortable as you party through the night.



The Summer Solstice Festival (as the name suggests) takes place during the summer solstice when the sun barely goes down in Iceland. Sunglasses at night are par for the course, especially since it’s low in the sky, but in exchange, the midnight sun will give you the stamina to dance on through the night with what feels like an endless supply of energy!

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