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PopArt Hafnafjörður

PopArt 2015: Art Festival in Hafnarfjörður

PopArt HafnafjörðurThis weekend, 13th to 15th of August, the Art Festival of Hafnarfjörður, PopArt 2015, will be celebrated. Hafnarfjörður is a sweet port town 10 km out of Reykjavik. It’s located on the way to Keflavik Airport, and is known to many for the viking-themed restaurant and pub, Fjörukráin. Many artists and musicians have their roots in this town.

The art festival will be held in the old town of Hafnarfjörður, charming with its old houses close to the harbour, reminding of old central Reykjavík. The festival is a mix of all kinds of art; music, visual art, dance, food and acting. You will be able to find something suitable for all ages; everything from a fun park and bubble ball to an evening party.

I intend to go there to take a look at some icelandic design, taste good food, have a good laugh at a stand up comedy and and even learn how to dance salsa!

I’m a huge fan of this kind of events, as it brings people out to the streets (especially if the weather is good), and it shows how much culture we have in our small island. 

For more information, take a look at their Facebook Page.

In Iceland During PopArt 2015?

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