Reykjavik City Card
Árbæjarlaug Thermal Pool in Reykjavik, Iceland


Hofsvallagata, Reykjavik

Opening hours:
Mon-Thu 6:30-22, Fri 6:30-20, Weekends 9-18


Vesturbæjarlaug thermal pool (e. West town pool) is a 20-minute walk from Lækjartorg in mid-town Reykjavík. It has hot pots, a thermal steam bath, sauna and sun lamps. Just down the road is the beautiful coastline along Ægisíða, where a paved walking and biking path goes on for miles. Along the coast is a variety of bird life and vegetation. Nauthólsvík is a nearby beach which provides a facility for sea- and sunbathing. This is a great area to enjoy a refreshing walk or jog before relaxing at Vesturbæjarlaug pool.