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Pride Without Prejudice!

Six days of celebrating equal rights through a variety of shows, concerts, events, and a parade. Welcome to the 18th edition of Hinsegin Dagar, aka, Reykjavík Pride.

Reykjavík's mayor having a gay old time!

Reykjavik has been named as one of the gay-friendliest places on the planet, they legalised same-sex marriage in 2010, had the first openly gay head of state in world history and is known for being a very LGBTQ-accepting nation. Of course, even though there’s progress, there’s always more to be done but that’s why Reykjavík keeps hosting the Pride festival. It’s all reason for celebration!

Reykjavík Pride
City officials celebrate Pride!

Rainbow flags attached to the lanterns, the Harpa concert hall lit up in bright colours and a beautiful exhibition of same-sex wedding photos on display in the main street. Reykjavik Pride is on!

At the end of the rainbow is no pot of gold, unfortunately, but Reykjavík's oldest school!

Last year, Skólavörðustígur, the street leading up to the well-known Hallgrímskirkja in downtown Reykjavik, was covered in rainbow-coloured paint. This initiative was extremely well received by the larger public. Apart from it brightening up the streets and providing a beautiful guiding track to the church it was also a feast for camera lenses. So if it works, why not do it again, right? A new tradition was born, as this year the steps up to Menntaskólinn í Reykjavík (junior college), in downtown Reykjavík, were dressed in hues of red, yellow, and blue again. Start whipping out those selfie sticks, people!

Reykjavík Pride is one of the biggest festivals of the year!

A combination of extravagance, music, and festivities. The day of the parade itself was beautifully warm, buzzing with locals and tourists, all lined up to watch the event unfold. Decorated strollers and kids waving flags. As the first wagon arrived, the crowd started their cheers. Cheers soon to be blended with peppy music coming from the stereos on board.

The paraders and crowd alike enjoyed the perfect weather conditions!

Reykjavik’s pride is one of the buzziest events in the country. During the summer, while the streets are brimming with tourist’s goodwill, Iceland is spreading the word of tolerance and acceptance through drag queens, embellished wagons, and a humongous sparkling horse.

Always be yourself! Unless you can be a unicorn ...Then always be a unicorn!

Iceland’s president, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, even came to the stage to give a small speech on tolerance to the crowd. Fun fact, this is the first time a president gives a speech at a festival like this. Iceland, setting the standard for the rest of the world!

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