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Rainy Day in Reykjavík: Six Amazing Tours To Take

Rainy Day in Reykjavík: Six Amazing Tours To Take

Ok so let’s face it, in Iceland in wintertime, the weather can be less than awesome. It’s actually not as cold as the name “ICE-land” implies, but it can still be rainy or windy (or both) some days. But luckily, there are so many awesome things to do, you definitely won’t be bored even if the weather is less than perfect! Here are 5 awesome tours you can take on a rainy day in Reykjavík:

1. Storm Hike

YES, there is a literal hike which only happens if there is a storm! The weather has to be really crazy for this, and you have to be a little crazy too. You get some orientation about survival skills and a tour of the volunteer rescue facilities, before trying out your new skills in real-life, walking arm in arm in often white-out conditions.

You are kept completely safe by your professional and experienced guides!

Rainy Day in Reykjavík: Six Amazing Tours To Take

This tour is only available in some really extreme weather, and usually only on short notice. To book it, just write us on live-chat or drop us an email!

2. Into the Glacier

One of the newer Iceland attractions, this tour takes you up on Langjökull glacier and into a man-made Ice Cave, to experience the raw power of the glacier up close and personal. This tour is underground, so you won’t care much that it’s raining outside. (Unless the weather is bad enough to stop you driving up there.. in those cases, skip to the next entry).

To book this tour, with or without transfers from Reykjavík, just drop us an email!

Tip: You can also do some sightseeing on the way! 

3. Caving

Rainy day in Reykjavík: Caving

Similar to Into the Glacier, caving is underground and therefore out of the rain. These amazing natural phenomena are created when molten hot magma flows from a volcano for a period of time. The layer of lava nearest the top cools and hardens, but the deeper layer stays melted, and runs away leaving these colourful rocky hollows.

It is thought that lava caves in Iceland number as many as ten thousand, though only about 500 have been found(!)

Tip: You can do this tour at night, in combination with the Northern Lights

4. Snorkel/Dive in Silfra tectonic fissure

Rainy day in Reykjavík: Snorkelling or diving

Following the logic of the subterranean tours, this tour is underwater – and if you’re already wet, you won’t care if it’s raining. Or actually, more accurately, the dry suit keeps you dry even if you’re underwater, and then it doesn’t matter if it’s raining.

It’s amazing to dive in between the American- and Eurasian tectonic plates here in the historic Þingvellir national park. The water is always 2-3°C, but it’s not as cold as you might think, since the dry suit and excitement keep you pretty warm. Also: Hot cocoa!

5. The Blue Lagoon

Much like snorkelling, when you bathe in the Blue Lagoon, you’re already wet. The main difference though, is that the lagoon is HOT!

Sometimes if it’s very windy, the lagoon might not be as hot as it should be, so if you’re not sure, just drop us a line. You can enter with the Standard, Comfort or Premium package depending on your preferences, and there is a super convenient and inexpensive bus to take you there. You can even do a combination tour in a super truck!

Rainy day in Reykjavik - Blue Lagoon

Note: YOU NEED TO BOOK THE LAGOON IN ADVANCE. You can’t just rock up and enter – it’s very popular so it gets fully booked, and even when it’s not full, they let people who pre-book in before people who don’t. Finally, it’s more expensive to pay at the door. So you want to pre-book.

Tip: You can even go there en route to the airport!

6. Reykjavík Escape

Who knew you could have this much fun indoors?!? Reykjavík Escape involves being locked in a room with your friends and then follow a series of hints and clues to figure out how to escape. I fact, one of our staff member María went there with her girlfriends and had a blast! What a quirky and unusual way to spend an afternoon!

Rainy Day in Reykjavík: Escape

If you’d like to book your own Reykjavík Escape experience, just email us.

Tip: if you’re part of a larger group, you can split up into two rooms and compete on who finishes first!

So these are some great ways to make the most of your day even if the weather is less than perfect. I mean let’s be real, you didn’t book a ticket to Iceland for the famous sunbathing, did you? So if you check the weather forecast and see something less than inspiring, don’t panic, just book a tour and have an awesome day!

If none of these options appeal to you, and the weather is unattractive, but not dangerous, you might want to look into renting a car and driving somewhere – since the weather can be quite pretty even if it’s a bit wet. That or checking out some of the fantastic museums of Reykjavík. Or just get in touch on our live chat or email and we’ll find something else awesome to do for you!

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