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Reykjavík Comedy Festival 2014

Reykjavík Comedy Festival 2014

“If I was funny then I would be on stage” – anonymous What’s On staff member, you can find their mugshots on our About page.

Reykjavik Comedy Festival

Reykjavík Comedy Festival 2014, what is that?

Stonewall guarantee, everyone says they would love to see some stand up comedy or basically just something funny.  Well people here it is, 24-26th October. Yes, it is on a weekend, so that makes it funnier still as you may just have yourself a wee beer or a glass of wine at the same time.

Reykjavik Comedy Festival-
Dude with glasses, funny guy, name: Steve
Who is going to be on stage & are they speaking Icelandic?

Funny they will be and yes as a rule the headline acts are quality foreigners and therefore they will be speaking English for your entertainment.

Headline act is on Sunday a certain Mr Steve Merchant co-writer of the British sitcom The Office.

There be further offerings from the UK, USA and Iceland, you just have to check it out if you want to go:

Part of the humour appears to be that the line up is only available in Icelandic!


Reykjavik Comedy Festival
Whole lot of glass and a random “intentional” leaning lampost
Where is it?

It is on at the mighty Harpa concert hall, most people would say the building is worth the entrance itself.  A colussus of glass shaped into a structure that cost this fine land more than a “fist full of dollars” but now is a building that is cherished by all.

So here is your chance to get in there now and laugh your pants of before Iceland Airwaves rolls into town in November and takes over.

Sold out? ….. then you will have to talk to a nice Icelander in a bar for a ticket.

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