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Ásgeir – Sátt Concert at Bæjarbíó

Hveragerði, Hrísey and Hvammstangi instead of Sydney, Tokyo and New York

In February of this year, musician Ásgeir released his third album, and he planned to spend most of the year on tour abroad promoting the album. The year began with a month-long tour of Europe in February and from there to the United States in early March. As the week went by after the tour of the United States, the corona virus began to make a major claim in this country as well as in Europe, and after careful consideration, it was decided to cancel the tour and stay home. All other tours of Asgeir throughout the year were also postponed, including concerts in Japan, Australia and the first concert of Asgeir in New Zealand.

Asgeir spent the next few weeks here at home where he played for his fans at streaming concerts.

It is not expected that Ásgeir will play outside the country until early next year Ásgeir has decided to go on a tour of Iceland in July, where he plays 13 concerts on 17 days.


Jul 10 2020


21:00 - 23:00


Strandgata 6, Hafnarfjordur, Iceland