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Blekandi – Ink effect

Vala will open an exhibition in Gallery Grásteinn with a collection of her abstract work with figurative symbolism. She uses acryl on canvas and paper with an ink effect.

Vala is born in Reykjavík/Iceland and raised from age 5 in Luxembourg. She has lived in Luxembourg, Madrid/Spain, China/Shenzen, and lives today in Reykjavík/Iceland. She has had exhibitions in all these countries. She has a degree in Technical drawing and Interior architecture. Vala has had an interest in art and painting since childhood and had her first exhibition in 2008 in Luxembourg. During years she has been in art groups and tended different art courses. She did major in art in college and
has a degree in Interior architecture from EADM school in Madrid from 2005.  Her newest work abstract with figurative symbolism is acryl on canvas and paper with an ink effect.


Jun 17 2020 - Jun 30 2020


15:00 - 17:00


Gallery Grásteinn - Skólavörðustígur 4