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Helgarhald ’20 – Concert

Ottoman –
Rock Paper Sisters –
Ceasetone –
Volcanova –
Alchemia –
Bogdan –
Tim Can Swim –
DJ Ljónshjarta –

Greetings dear friends and acquaintances!

The last symmetrically numbered year of our lifetime is upon us, along with with an encroaching feeling of doom and perhaps even an imminent early-to-mid life crisis.
And with this in mind we hereby invite you to forget your first-world worries at the second annual Helgarhald. Drown out those pesky voices in your head with third rate drinks and witness four or more musical acts take the stage too embarrass themselves for your amusement and their own disapproving parents approval.

And perhaps most importantly of all; Come to celebrate the birthday of the hardest working workaholic you know and/or have worked with.


Jan 17 2020 - Jan 18 2020


21:00 - 02:00


Gaukurinn, Tryggvagata, Reykjavík, Iceland

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