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History walk of woman’s rights

Women’s right association of Iceland welcomes you to a feminist history walk on the women’s right day that’s celebrated on june 19th.

The walk starts at 5pm and will be led by Tinna Eik Rakelardóttur, the founder of Reykjavik Feminist Walking Tour. She will lead guests into the footsteps of women in downtown Reykjavík and tell the history of revolution of the city.

The walk focuses on a lot of individuals and groups that shaped the fight for equal rights in Iceland but are too often forgotten. The main focus will be on women’s fight for equal rights but also will also touch up on other marginalized groups such as handicapped people, gay people as well as poor and immigrants and then how it relates to feminism.
The walks starts in front of the women’s shelter on Túngata 14 and starts at 5pm. And ends in at Skúli Craft bar where Happy Hour will be on offer thanks to the Women’s right association and Lady Brewery.
Everyone is welcome and is wheelchair accessible. For more info you can email Tinnu, the tour guide, on [email protected]


Jun 19 2020


17:00 - 18:00


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