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Icelandic Sagas The Greatest Hits

Presented by two of Icelands finest actors Icelandic Sagas – The Greatest hits is a 75 minute theatrical comedy roller coaster ride through Iceland’s literary heritage.

The Icelandic Sagas are the 40 true stories of the first settlers of Iceland – Well, Icelanders say they’re true. Everyone else says: Get out of here!

But everyone agrees they are fantastic tales of worthy men and feisty women from a thousand years ago. Stories of viking raids abroad and blood-feuds at home. Passed down the generations and preserved on calf-skin manuscripts they are the crown jewels of Icelandic culture, amazing stories of ordinary vikings, facing ordinary viking problems – like how to get your wife to stop killing your neighbor’s slaves, what to do when someone calls you a horse-ass-eater and how to sue your brother in-law for not living up to your sister’s… expectations.

Step into the world Hallgerda Long-Pants, Gunnlaug Serpent Tongue, Killer-Glum, Harald with the great hair-do, Mjoll the-biggest-of-all-women-who-were-not-giants and Leif the Lucky who found America… and lost it again.

Never heard of them? Come and get to know them all in Icelandic Sagas – The Greatest Hits. Be thrilled, entertained and intrigued – and find out what it really means to toss a pair of blue pants into an Icelanders face – really.

The show is performed in English. 

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Jul 03 2020




Austurbakki 2, Reykjavík, Iceland


4.900 kr.