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MANÍA vol 2. – Concerts

It’s time for a new decade! what better way to start a new year/era with a bang. MANÍA is concert event which is celebrating a second year in a row with fantastic heavy acts such as Örmagna one of the more popular acts of Black metal in Reykjavík, The Moronic upp and comming hardcore band from Reykjavík, Aragrúi a dark alternative indie band from Reykjavík, Holdris one of the finer new death metal acts in Reykjavík and Forsmán a brand new act of young people playing black metal which you shouldn’t miss!
MANÍA Stands for a heavy new beginning each year! it’s also a forefront for new bands. The only intention we have is to start the year with a bang something new and fun!

Headliner: Örmagna
The veiny phallus of the aristocracy is rammed into the fanged vulva of the commoners

Fourth band: The Moronic
Formed in 2018 by members of Norn, Spünk and BlackTar with the intent to bring a new level of creative extremety to the Icelandic Hardcore scene.

Third band: Aragrúi
Built on the common feeling of Isolation, darkness and the fleeting feeling of staying afloat in a world made to drown you out. Drawing from a wast source of musical influences, Aragrúi comes together to explore the darker side of alternative rock and Indie music.
With a hard hitting rhythm section, Hypnotic guitars and powerhouse vocals. Aragrúi will leave you with the feeling of a bruised heart

second band: Holdris
Holdris was founded in late 2017 by singer Óli Kristinn and guitarist Sigurjón Óli. The following months went about finding the right members for the band and in the end of 2018 the line up was complete. 2019 is the year things started happening as the first songs began coming together. Holdris debuted at Gaukurinn 5th of October 2019 and got a warm welcome from the metal community

First band: Forsmán
Forsmán is a black metal band founded in Kópavogur, Iceland in early 2019. In their sound they capture a blend of the melodic and melancholic elements of music.

1000kr entry fee
admission starts 21:00
first band 22:00

lets begin the new decade!


Jan 04 2020 - Jan 05 2020


21:00 - 02:00


Gaukurinn, Tryggvagata, Reykjavík, Iceland


1.000 kr.