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Minua – Concert

In their concert in Björtuloft, the trio MINUA play original compositions by Kristinn Smári Kristinsson, some of which are composed especially for this occasion. Their music that presents itself in constant alteration. Ranging from ambient drones, minimal patterns and free improv to more song based structures, their style defies genre boundaries with a subtle blend of acoustic and electronic textures. With the unique instrumentation of two guitars and a bass clarinet the musicians act as one unit, dedicating themselves to the collective sound; one that evokes both out-of-focus imagery and low-key melancholia.
After their debut album “In Passing” (2015) their second album “Still Light” is out on 1st of February 2019 via acclaimed German label Traumton Records. International tours and festival appearances since 2014 include China, Iceland,
Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria and Germany.

Fabian Willmann: bass clarinet
Kristinn Kristinsson: electric guitar
Luca Aaron: electric guitar

“The instrumentation of Minua is unique and their sound evokes a mood that one can easily get lost in. Their use of balance, space, and almost constant melodic improvising is
intriguing as well very beautiful. What I admire most about Minua is their patience to allow their songs and compositions to unfold in very flowing rubato feel but at the same time
holding the listener captive with an almost imperceptible intensity.”
– Jim Black

Kristinn Smári Kristinsson graduated from the FÍH Music School in the spring of 2011 and went on to study in Switzerland, at the Basel University of Music. Kristinn completed his bachelor’s degree in 2014, and switched to the University of Music in Bern, where he completed his Masters degree in guitar and composition two years later. In addition, he spent time with many heavyweight men from the jazz world, including Guillermo Klein, Mark Turner, Jeff Ballard, Aydin Esen, Larry Grenadier, Jorgé Rossy.

Kristinn performs with the ensembles Minua and Monoglot regularly and both have released two CD´s in recent years. The latest album, “Still Light” by Minua, was published by the renowned Traumton and has received outstanding reviews around the world. They have played concerts all over Europe and toured China twice, with great success and and appreciation for their sound.

The Harpa Welcome Home series is hosted by the Icelandic Musicians Association and introduces Icelandic musicians who have recently graduated or are still studying abroad, to audiences at home.

Entrance is free


Apr 13 2020


20:00 - 21:00


Austurbakki 2, Reykjavík, Iceland

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