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Opening of the Winter festival – Kyrie Eleison

The droplets dripping from the glaciers are in themselves sublime wonders and serve as the source of the rivers that have brought us marvellous beauty and vitality with their canyons and waterfalls throughout the ages. Surely, we must all hope that climate change does not change the droplets into a flow of water which will wash the beauty away. Kyrie Eleison is an audiovisual installation made from ice from five different glacier tongues in Vatnajökull glacier. The ice was filmed while it melted in the artist’s studio and the dripping sound generated by the melting ice was recorded at the same time, resulting in a unique sound. The outcome is an installation focusing on the shrinking glaciers in their smallest form.

For many years, Heimir has worked in multimedia design, directed and edited films and composed music. He worked for the design company Gagarin for 9 years where he did concept design, storytelling, produced content for museums and exhibitions. Today he is an independent artist who focuses on making films, music and immersive audio and visual experiences


Feb 06 2020


20:00 - 21:30


Freyjugata 41, Reykjavík, Iceland