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Pants Optional Comedy Online Happy Hour and FUN-draiser!

Sit back–or rest in bed, relax, and laugh with “Pants Optional” Comedy Happy Hour comedians as we create a real-time virtual experience on Zoom.  Show starts at 6 pm, EST, or New York time.

Each $5 ticket buys you a vote for future funds to help your favorite charity during the COVID-19 crisis.

Zoom credentials emailed to you. Link to purchase tickets:

Our “Pants Optional” Cast: Bob Campbell (Playback Theatre); Nicky Kennedy (8 Steps, Improv Coach, UK); Natasha Samreny (Second City, Edinburgh Fringe); Leigh Shein (Second City); Lisa Vana (Playback Theatre); Francine Wolf (; Michèle Young (Bay Area Improv Theatre, Leap and Fly Studios).

ZaZu Productions has been bringing live theatre music and comedy entertainment to Tampa Bay since 2005.


Aug 05 2020


18:00 - 19:00


$5 US dollars