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Join us for a 20-minute aerial performance featuring
Alice Demurtas on Silks & Lauren Charnow on Silks and Hammock.
Part of the Reykjavik Fringe Festival
8th July at 17:30
10th July at 21:00
in Tjarnarbíó.
A journey through the seasons, “Rebirth” reflects on the challenges we have recently faced as a global society during these past few months. As the world comes to terms with the need for social
reforms and with the consequences of the pandemic, we have all
been challenged to reconsider what is truly important. Through this
aerial exploration of past and future, stillness and change, beauty and pain, we will ascend new heights and discover who we truly are.
For us, this has been a time of rediscovery—of finding new ways to
connect to the world and to ourselves. A time of rebirth, of reflection and realization of inner values. A time to find the things that bring joy and to let go of the things that do not.
As the seasons change, times change too—and so must we. It is only
by embracing our rebirth that we can finally move forward and start
anew, to create a new world both around and within ourselves.
As you embark on this journey through the changing seasons take in
the elegant beauty of spring, the playfulness of summer and the
melancholic winds of fall, before flying on the icy wings of winter
towards unknown horizons.
This performance will also feature videos by Angie Diamantopoulou and musical pieces by
renowned composer Atli Örvarsson and  Bjarni Freyr Pètursson-YAMBI
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Jul 08 2020


8th July at 17:30-18:00 and 10th July at 21:00-21:30
17:30 - 18:00


Tjarnarbíó Theatre, Tjarnargata, Reykjavík, Iceland