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Sound of Sharing – Gamla Bíó – Valentinesday !

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 Yes! Heiða Björg & the Kaos comes finally back to Iceland from Paris! HB&K, Icelandic – French band, invite you for a « Fun Musical Trip », as their mixing « world, jazz, rock & pop music» in their own festive & fascinating compositions & transformed old songs, with their volcanic & modern sound ».

Check out the FB event and Instagram @heidabjorgkaos ! you will have un update with restaurants and their special Sound of Sharing – Valentinesday special offer! 

Remember this name: Heiða Björg! It sounds like something from an Icelandic saga. Heiða is a singer and clarinettist, author & composer, a sensitive, powerful, gentle timbre with no holds barred, sparkling with a hoard of musical treasures accumulated along the way. Heiða Björg & the Kaos, is music in motion, a constant dialogue between instruments and voice, wandering, creating, jumping, improvising and composing. Just like the volcanic, exotic letter ð, this group too « will never be, just another band ». HB&K songs are in
Icelandic, French and English. They get influences from the ancient Nordic or Eastern-Europe vibes, which marks the passing of time, of joy, sorrows and nostalgia …but with a real modern sound!

The ð, is the taste of the North, of Iceland.  In 2004, bursting with energy and Nordic beauty, Heiða headed to Paris after finishing her classical clarinet studies in the Reykjavík Conservatory. At that time, in love with klezmer music, and driven by her rock energy, she found her self forming the band Klezmer Kaos in Paris 2007 continuing perfectioning her classical clarinet in Conservatory Aubervilliers- la Courneuve and studying vocal and instrumental jazz at Arpej.  Their first album « Froggy » was released 2012. After 7 years of international touring, and finalists of an international festival in Amsterdam, Heiða was yearning to introduce new colours into the musical palate of the band. With more pinch of rock, the electric guitar, a spirited creative space,  the band felt the need of adapting the name and open up! Heiða Björg & the Kaos was born: same festive energy but with more vocal compositions and a repertoire that is more resolute, more rock,  electro, jazz without forgetting the world sound.

She is fortunately surrounded by« the Kaos » five talented musicians, that come from diverse backgrounds. Charles covers the world sound with his expressive violin, Nicolas &  Alexis drive the jazz flow with the guitar and the keyboard, Sylvain jumps from the double bass to the electric bass, while Simon rhythms the rock energy on the drums.

Archibald will also join us as a duo ! – take a look ate their new video! beautiful composition “Lady Cairn” on YouTube

Heiða Björg & the Kaos:

Heiða Björg Jóhannsdóttir Balu : söngur, klarinetta

Alexis Nersessian: píano

Charles Rappoport: fiðla

Nicolas Gardel: gítar

Simon Valmort: trommur

Sylvain Plommet: kontrabassi og rafmagnsbassi


Roxane Terramorsi : söngur

Nicolas Gardel: gítar


Feb 14 2020


Hose will open at 8PM and the concert starts around 20h45
08:00 - 23:00


Gamla Bíó
Gamla Bíó, Ingólfsstræti, Reykjavík, Iceland


4.800 kr.