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Reykjavik Fashion Festival 2013

Reykjavik Fashion Festival 2013


The creative industries in Iceland have grown considerably for the past decade or so, making design and fashion an integral part of our culture. The Reykjavik Fashion Festival 2013 is a celebration of creative Icelandic minds, as well as a platform for Icelandic fashion designers. The festival is dedicated to giving them the opportunity to be recognized at home in Iceland and around the world and providing a vehicle for new designers to collectively showcase their work.

The fourth Reykjavik Fashion Festival (RFF) will take place from March 14th until March 16th in Reykjavik, this year in conjunction with the Icelandic design festival DesignMarch. Þórey Eva Einarsdóttir, managing director of RFF says she thinks the collaboration between the two festivals is going to be very exciting, and together they will present the biggest fashion and design event of the year, creating a platform to inspire new ideas, creativity and business opportunities.

Reykjavik Fashion Festival was established in 2009, and has proven itself as the main platform for the always daring and talented Icelandic fashion designers. The main goal of the festival is to market Icelandic fashion design and introduce the development and possible opportunities in the Icelandic fashion industry. Visitors from all over the world, including media, fashion bloggers and key people in the fashion industry are invited to experience the unique festival, and of course all fashion enthusiasts are encouraged to come and discover Icelandic fashion culture. In addition to fashion shows, Reykjavik city’s Fashion Night Out is going to bring life into the main streets of Reykjavik with a huge celebration of fashion and shopping.

Participating in RFF this year are 7 talented designers that form a strong group because of their work, diverse styles, boldness and superb creativity. These designers are: Andersen & Lauth, a quality label driven by passion for craft and detail, Mundi 66°North, a fusion between the highly technical production quality from 66°North and the surreal world of Icelandic designer Mundi, Farmers Market, an Icelandic design company and brand that draws inspiration from Icelandic roots, combining classic Nordic design elements with chic Modernity, Huginn Muninn, a clothing brand that thrives to search, find and celebrate those individuals of all backgrounds that stay true to who they are, JÖR by Guðmundur Jörundsson, an Icelandic fashion label that has blown fresh winds into the Icelandic fashion scene, ELLA, a slow fashion brand which goal is to bring honesty into the fashion world, emphasizing on high quality fabrics and timeless style, and REY, a brand that is all about good quality and honesty with a strong emphasis on fabric selection and tailoring.

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