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Reykjavik Nightlife Experience

Reykjavik Nightlife Experience

Reykjavik Nightlife ExperienceWhether you visit Reykjavík in the summer with 24 hours of sunlight or in the freezing cold winter, you can always count on a great Reykjavik Nightlife Experience. The city is filled with exciting bars and clubs. If it’s your first time in Reykjavík you may not find it easy to put together a solid schedule, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here’s an idea of a night that just can’t go wrong no matter who you are or where you came from. 

Lebowski Bar

19:00-21:00 When the night has just begun, and your stomach is growling it is ideal to visit Lebowski Bar, where you will not only find some of the city’s juiciest burgers but also the most extensive white Russian menu in the country. Lebowski Bar is basically a bowling-themed diner and bar that was designed with the 1998 comedy film ‘The Big Lebowski’ in mind. It’s a bar that appeals to the masses, and people of all ages go there to enjoy a beer and burger in the joyful surroundings. A visit there should set the mood just right for your night out.

Den Danske Kro

21:00-23:00 A traditional Danish bar that looks so authentic that it would fit just as well in the middle of Copenhagen as it does in downtown Reykjavik. Den Danske Kro has an excellent outdoor seating area where you can take your drink. The decor is in line with the concept, Danish-themed pictures hang on the walls, and the Danish flag is proudly presented all over. Grab your Danish dictionary, head down to Den Danske Kro and try out some classic Danish phrases such as “Hej, jeg vil gerne have en stor øl, tak” and they’ll serve you a cold one.


23:00-01:00 For the best selection of wine, cocktails, and beer, Röntgen is the place to go. The bar has a comfortable atmosphere that the locals love, and it hosts many events, such as pub quizzes, karaoke, birthday parties, and much more. This is the perfect time to visit Vegamót, as it’s about the time when it evolves from a mild-mannered pub into a wild nightclub where some of Iceland’s best DJs turn up the volume to create a party that will go on well into the night. Dressy attire is preferred but not essential.


01:00-03:00 It’s a bar for people who like to keep things simple. Ölstofan is frequented by local artists, writers and other intellectuals, and the clientele is mostly 30+. They have a great selection of beers from all over the world but you really must try Bríó, the house brew. Unlike most bars in Reykjavík, the music at Ölstofan is kept at a level where you can actually have a conversation over your drinks without yelling, and there’s no dance floor. Ölstofan is a simple pub for people who like to go out but still take it somewhat easy.

Bankastræti Club

03:00-LATE For the grand finale we have saved one of Reykjavík’s best nightclubs, Bankastræti. The main area usually turns into a dance floor so that people that are walking in or out are forced to dance their way through the crowd. Named simply for the street on which it resides, Bankastræti carries the torch from its legendary predecessor, b5. Like b5, Bankastræti is a fabulous club that features not only the city’s best DJs but also an incredible karaoke room that can be reserved. You can reserve a table to chill with your friends or let loose on the dance floor – either way, it will be an epic night.

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